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A & B Accessories, redwood accessories for spa, hot tub, pool & patio
Outdoor Kitchen Components
All-weather Cabinets & Solid Granite Tops
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A & B Outdoor Kitchens

Here's the complete line of A & B Accessories Outdoor Kitchen components. Create an environment that says you all over it!  Simple or bodacious.  Assemble the kitchen you need with the components you want. 

Your choice of finish in Coastal Gray, Deep Redwood (shown) or Chestnut Brown. 

Ultra Wood cabinets looks like real wood because they contain 70% real wood fiber, but without the upkeep.  Weather resistant providing you & your family years of use & beauty.  All cabinet hardware is stainless steel or aluminum.  Counter tops are Black British granite for a truly elegant look & last.  Please note that the stools & chairs are sold separately.
Click on the pictures for more product details & pricing. 

900 & 9000 Cabinet & Grill
all weather cabinet (shown in Deep Redwood) with Black Granite top featuring the Infinity Stainless Steel Gas Grille.  Click on the picture for a more details.
901 Cabinet & Stainless Steel Sink
Sink cabinet with storage underneath
902 Single Drawer Cabinet
cabinet featuring a small drawer & door
903 3 Drawer Cabinet
cabinet featuring a small, medium & large drawer
905 Corner Cabinet
Corner cabinet
  906 TV Cabinet
in Standard, Deluxe & Large sizes. floor, cabinet or wall mounting
907 Bar & Dining Island
a grand place to chat with friends while your favorite meal or snack is being prepared. Cabinet storage with 3 shelves.
908 Serving Cabinet
large enough for storage with plenty of food prep room
909 Serving Cabinet with Refrigerator Space
large enough to accommodate a 2.5 cubic foot refrigerator along with plenty of food prep room
910 Base Cabinet
just the right size for your Big Green Egg or smaller storage area
outdoor furniture cushion storage cabinet Signature Hybrid Redwood Cushion Storage Cabinets
4 ft & 6 ft custom made storage cabinets for furniture cushions or anything else that needs to be stowed poolside. Granite tops. Choice of colors.
Click on the pictures for product details.
A & B Accessories, Decking Squares Signature Decking
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Gray Dining Bar - click on the picture for a larger, detailed view
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