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SpaGuard Spa & Hot tub Chemical care productsSpaGuard® Spa & Hot Tub Cleaners
& Accessory Chemicals

Filter & surface
cleaners, antifoam, enzymes
Click on Each Product for Features & Dosages 
SpaGuard Water Clarifier, Click here for more information SpaGuard®  Water Clarifier
helps filter out fine "un-filterables".  Use judiciously.  See our notes here.
16 oz Bottle, $8.99 each
SpaGuard Antifoam, Click here for more information SpaGuard®  Anti Foam
Liquid product that Quickly breaks up foam caused by lotions, soaps & other products
16 oz Bottle, $10.99 each
SpaGuard Natural Spa Enzyme, Click here for more information SpaGuard®  Natural Spa Enzyme - New Formula!
Naturally "eats-up" bather waste preventing waterline buildup & premature filter clogging.  Weekly usage helps prevent cloudy or hazy water too!

32 oz Bottle, $21.99 each
BioGuard Off the Wall concentrated gel surface cleaner for swimming pools Off the Wall®
The Best Surface Cleaner Yet!
One of Ron's Favorite Products!  Find out why!

For Pool Surfaces  - Brand New Formula!  10 times Thicker.  2 times Stronger.
12 oz. $10.99
you may also want to check the Spa/Pool Cleaning Mitt

SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser - New & Improved SpaGuard®  Spa Filter Cleaner & Degreaser
Keep your spa clean by having a clean filter.  Use whenever you drain, clean & refill your spa.

32 oz Bottle, $15.99 each  New Advanced Formula in stock!
Soft Soak Filter Cleaner, Click here for product information Soft Soak® Filter Cleaner
Specially formulated to clean spa cartridge filters in Soft Soak® or BaquaSpa® treated Spas!
32 oz bottle
$16.99 each
Replacement Spa & Hot tub Filter Cartridges with Microban Antibacterial Protection
SpaGuard Spa Silken SpaGuard®  Spa Silken
A fantastic product that actually makes your skin feel silky soft!  Granular, completely soluble.  Use as needed.  Compatible with chlorine, bromine, Nature2 or Frog,
Soft Soak®, Baqua Spa®, biguanide or virtually ANY spa or hot tub care system.
2 lb bottle, $9.99 each -
SpaGuard Water Freshener & Deodorizer NEW! SpaGuard® Water Freshener
Think of it as Fabreze for your spa or hot tub water.
16 oz. bottle,
Our Web Price ONLY $13.99 each
  Learn More about Purging, Draining & Refilling your Spa or Hot tub here...  
Swirl Away spa cleaner Swirl Away
Effectively removes the "gunk" & harmful bio-film that has accumulated on the interior of your Spa, Hot tub or Jetted bath's plumbing lines and heater.  Click on the product for more information.

Our Web Price ONLY $12.99

System Flush

Specially formulated to clean more of the gunk from your spa's plumbing lines than ordinary "system flush" products. Use 8 oz. per 400 gallons the night before you drain for best results
16 oz bottle, $16.99 each

Great Grit Filter filters out grit before it gets in your spa Great Grit Filter
Trap sand, grit, dirt & other debris before it gets into your spa or hot tub.  Attaches to almost all garden hoses.
Our Web Price $25.99
Great start filter filters out dirt & heavy metals
Great Start Filter

Great pre-filter that helps trap rust & other heavy metals that may stain or scale your spa's surfaces before it gets into your spa or hot tub.  Attaches to almost all garden hoses.
Our Web Price $29.99
Natural Chemistry Filter Perfect Filter Perfect® from Natural Chemistry®
The safer & more effective way to clean your Cartridge filter.  No harsh chemicals.
1  liter bottle, $19.99 each

Filter Flosser deluxe cartridge filter cleaner NEW! Filter Flosser
Looking for a top quality spa filter cartridge cleaner?  Now there's Filter Flosser. Click on the picture for product details.
List Price $54.99
Our Web Price $36.99
Water Wand portable hand held cartrdige filter cleaner
Water Wand Filter Cleaner
Attach a garden hose & GO!  Cleans about 8 pleats at once. Saves water. 
List Price $29.99
Our Web Price $19.99

Pristine Mist
Spa Cover Treatment
for Spas & Hot tubs. Now protect the inside of your spa & hot tub cover with NEW Pristine Mist�.
Sizes: 8.5 oz - $33.99
Introductory Priced $25.99

Pristine Fill Tap Water Filter Pristine Fill
New Pristine Fill helps to remove up to 99% of chemical contaminants & suspended solids (including certain large bacteria).  By removing contaminants, Pristine Fill helps to reduce & even eliminate many spa & hot tub water quality problems before they can start.
List Price $38.99
Our Web Price Only $33.99

Spa Perfect

To prevent and eliminate scum-lines and other organic matter that can lead to spa & hot tub cloudiness or possible chemical odors.  Spa Perfect® is not an algicide or algistat or water clarifier.  Spa Perfect® contains a special blend of natural enzyme that "eat up" & remove these wastes from your spa or hot tub water.
16 oz bottle, $13.99 each
1 liter bottle, $24.99 each

Spa Purge®

The perfect product to use before draining your spa or hot tub.  Helps eliminate the source of most common spa & hot tub water care problems - in the plumbing lines & everywhere else you can't get to!  Click on the picture for product details.
1 liter bottle, $19.99
SpaBoss Restore Cover Cleaner & Protectant
Clean & restore & protect your spa cover investment. Contains UV light inhibitors. Helps add life to your spa cover. Big 22 oz spray bottle.
List Price $17.99
Our Web Price $13.99
Pool & Spa Spa-Ball
Absorbs body oils, suntan lotions, make-up, dirt grime and lots of other unfilterable stuff that gets into your pool, spa or hot tub.  The more stuff it absorbs, the heavier it becomes.  Do not squeeze or wring out. When it sinks, throw it out!
List Price $17.99
Our Web Price $14.99
Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble
The original oil & mess absorbing product. Absorbs up to 20 times its weight in oils & unfilterable debris.  Helps prevent waterline build up.  Keeps filters cleaner. Helps reduce chemical usage.
  Do not squeeze or wring out. When it sinks, throw it out!
List Price $17.99
Our Web Price $14.99
TruTest Digital Test Strip Meter, AquaChek TruTest Digital Testing System
Now you can test for Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH & Total Alkalinity WITHOUT trying to match colors!  Includes tube of 25 TruTest Strips.  In Stock Now.
List Price $89.99  Our Web Price $67.99
Click here for more water testing options.
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