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Soft Soak non chlorine, non bromine spa care chemical system
® Soft Soak® Spa Care Products
Click here to Purchase Soft Soak Spa Care System ProductsNon-Chlorine, non-Bromine Spa Care System

Soft Soak® & BaquaSpa® are completely compatible with each other and are to be used in NON-WOOD tubs ONLY (acrylic, fiberglass, concrete, tile, stainless, etc.) 

Please be sure to use the entire Soft Soak® program. 

Follow the Start-up & Maintenance Procedures for best results

  • No mixing. All Soft Soak® core items are liquid.
  • No harsh odors, no bleached swimsuits or spa pillows, no dry or irritated skin.
  • Chlorine & bromine free.
  • Very stable in hot water.
  • Lasts longer than either bromine or chlorine to effectively kill & control bacteria.
  • No need to test the water as often. (weekly)
  • Add sanitizer less often. (weekly for most users)
  • Balance the water only as needed. (a lot less often than chlorine or bromine treated spas)
  • Soft Soak® Sanitizer doesn't cause pH changes nor is it affected by these changes.

Soft Soak Sanitizer, Click here for product information

Soft Soak® Sanitizer
Effectively kills bacteria in spas without the odor or "feel" of
chlorine or bromine. Replaces Baqua Spa
® Sanitizer.
16 oz bottle
$17.99 each

Soft Soak Shock, Click here for product information

Soft Soak® Shock
Effectively Oxidizes bather waste & helps restore spa water's sparkle. Specifically formulated for use with the Soft Soak
® Spa Care System. Replaces Baqua Spa® Shock.
32 oz bottle
$12.99 each
Soft Soak Stain & Scale Control, Click here for product information Soft Soak® Stain & Scale Control
Controls scale formation & metal staining. Specifically formulated for use with the Soft Soak® Spa Care System. 
Replaces Baqua Spa
® Stain & Scale.
16 oz bottle
$12.99 each
Soft Soak Spa Conditioner, Click here for product information Soft Soak® Spa Conditioner
Controls the build-up of waterline deposits. Specifically formulated for use with the Soft Soak® Spa Care System. Replaces BaquaSpa® Waterline Control.  Granular, just add once when you fill or refill the spa; no weekly additions necessary!
1 lb bottle
$16.99 each
Soft Soak Filter Cleaner, Click here for product information Soft Soak® Filter Cleaner
Specially formulated to clean spa cartridge filters in Soft Soak® or BaquaSpa® treated Spas!
32 oz bottle
$16.99 each
Soft Soak 4 way Test Strips Soft Soak® 4-way Test Strips
50 strips per bottle.  Tests for Sanitizer, pH, Total Alkalinity & Calcium Hardness.
$18.99 each
NEW! Soft Soak® Starter Kit
Everything you need to get properly started with Soft Soak. Click on the picture for details
AquaFinesse Liquid, 2 liter bottle, spas & hot tubs AquaFinesse Liquid
The ultimate additive for Soft Soak users. AquaFinesse eliminates the biofilms that readily grow in you spa's pipelines that lead to spa mold & pink slime. Allows you to almost double the time between drain & refills. Lessens overall Soft Soak product use. Click on the picture for product details.
$71.99 per 2 liter bottle
SpaGuard Calcium Hardness Increaser, Click here for more information SpaGuard® Calcium Hardness Increaser
Safely & effectively RAISES Calcium Hardness in Spas
14 oz Bottle, Granular
$5.99 each
SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser,Click here for more information SpaGuard® Total Alkalinity Increaser
Safely & effectively RAISES Total Alkalinity in Spas
2 lb Bottle
$8.99 each
SpaGuard pH Increaser, Click here for more information SpaGuard® pH Increaser 
effectively & gently raises the pH of your spa water

18 oz Bottle
$5.99 each
SpaGuard pH Decreaser, Click here for more information SpaGuard® pH Decreaser
effectively & gently lowers the pH & Total Alkalinity of your spa water
22 oz Bottle
$6.99 each
SpaGuard Water Clarifier, Click here for more information SpaGuard® Water Clarifier
helps filter out fine "unfilterables"
16 oz Bottle
$8.99 each 
SpaGuard Antifoam, Click here for more information SpaGuard® Anti Foam
Liquid product that Quickly breaks up foam caused by lotions, soaps & other products
16 oz Bottle,
$9.99 each 
SpaGuard Natural Spa Enzyme, Click here for more information SpaGuard® Natural Spa Enzyme - New Formula
naturally "eats-up" bather waste preventing waterline buildup & premature filter clogging
32 oz Bottle,
$19.99 each 
BioGuard Off the Wall concentrated gel surface cleaner for swimming pools SpaGuard® Off the Wall®
The Best Surface Cleaner Yet!
One of Ron's Favorite Products!  Find out why!

For Spa Surfaces  - Brand New Formula!  10 time Thicker.  2 times Stronger.
12 oz. $9.99

SpaGuard Spa Cleaning Mit SpaGuard® Spa Cleaning Mitt
Pretreated Mitts rapidly remove dirt, oil, lime, and waterline buildup from your NON-WOOD spa surface.  Regular use of the Spa Mitt will reduce the need for additional cleaning products!  Use both sides of the Mitt, then throw it away.  Gentle on hands.  5 Mitts per recloseable bag. VERY limited quantities.
Our Price ONLY $11.99
SpaGuard Spa Silken  

SpaGuard® Spa Silken
A fantastic product that actually makes your skin feel silky soft!  Granular, completely soluble.  Use as needed.  Compatible with chlorine, bromine, Nature2 or Frog,
Soft Soak®, Baqua Spa®, biguanide or virtually ANY spa or hot tub care system.
2 lb bottle,


Spa Perfect

To prevent and eliminate scum-lines and other organic matter that can lead to spa & hot tub cloudiness or possible chemical odors.  Spa Perfect
® is not an algicide or algistat or water clarifier.  Spa Perfect® contains a special blend of natural enzyme that "eat up" & remove these wastes from your spa or hot tub water.
16 oz bottle, $13.99 each
1 liter bottle, $24.99 each

Spa Purge®

The perfect product to use before draining your spa or hot tub.  Helps eliminate the source of most common spa & hot tub water care problems - in the plumbing lines & everywhere else you can't get to!  Click on the picture for product details.
1 liter bottle, $23.99
Filter Flosser deluxe cartridge filter cleaner NEW! Filter Flosser
Looking for a top quality spa filter cartridge cleaner?  Now there's Filter Flosser. Click on the picture for product details.
List Price $54.99
Our Web Price $44.99 - Special $39.99
Swirl Away spa cleaner Swirl Away
Effectively removes the "gunk" & harmful bio-film that has accumulated on the interior of your Spa, Hot tub or Jetted bath's plumbing lines and heater.  Click on the product for more information.

Our Web Price ONLY $13.99

SeaKlear System Flush

Specially formulated to clean more of the gunk from your spa's plumbing lines than ordinary "system flush" products. Use 8 oz. per 400 gallons the night before you drain for best results
16 oz bottle,

Our Web Price ONLY $16.99 each
Please note that not all manufacturers recommend the use of biguanide products such as Soft Soak because of the their use of certain plastics (Lexan® light lenses) that may be affected by the biguanide sanitizer. Check with your spa's manufacturer before using this or any biguanide spa product.

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