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SpaGuard spa & hot tub chemicals make hot water care easyHot Water Care Products 
Simple, Gentle Hot Water Care,
that's the message we've been telling our customers for years. Your spa or hot tub is a place of relaxation and therapy,
not a chemical bath. We're here to show you how to enjoy your spa and keep it healthy and bacteria free. 

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SpaGuard®, the Proven, Traditional Spa & hot tub chemical program that works to effectively control all kinds of bacteria that love hot water. Chlorine or Bromine, water balancing chemicals, cleaners & accessories. We have everything to keep your spa clean & bacteria free for you & your family

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Soft Soak®, the Bromine-free, Chlorine-free hot water care system from SpaGuard®. Easy on your skin, hair and nose! It's what you've been waiting for!  If you like BaquaSpa®, you're going to prefer Soft Soak®

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Nature2®, the natural water purifying alternative for Spas & Hot Tubs. You'll smell & feel the difference!

Spa Frog spa & hot tub mineral purifier

Spa Frog®, the Natural Mineral Purifier for Spas & Hot Tubs

PristineBlue® non-chlorine, non-bromine spa care

Aqua Finesse - AquaFinesse Spa Water Treatment

AquaFinesse®, one step solution for Spa & hot tub water care

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SpaGuard Care Key 1 - Good Circulation Good Circulation is necessary for proper distribution of sanitizers & filtration of the water.
SpaGuard Care Key 2 - Good Cleaning & Maintenance Thorough, regular Cleaning of your Spa or Hot Tub surface and filter prevents build up of dirt & grime, prime breeding grounds for bacteria.
SpaGuard Care Key 3 - Good Filtration for about 6 hours daily Good Filtering of water removes dirt, hair, dead skin, leaves & other debris.
SpaGuard Care Key 4 - Proper Water Chemistry & Water Balance Proper water Chemistry is crucial for germ killing, equipment life, as well as bather comfort.
SpaGuard Care Key 5 - Regularly test the Water Regular Testing of the spa water at home & in our store prevents over usage of chemicals and longer lasting equipment.
SpaGuard Care Key 6 - Drain & Refill every 3 to 4 months It is absolutely necessary to Purge, Drain & Refill your spa or tub every 2 to 4 months, depending on its usage. This promotes a healthier spa & better sanitizer efficiency.

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compare Chlorine, Bromine, Soft Soak (Baqua Spa), Ionizers, Ozonators

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