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Spa Covers

Notice: Not a Safety Device. DO NOT SIT, STAND OR PLAY ON COVER.

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Spa Pad

Keep the Heat In!

Protect Your Spa or Hot with our custom made cover. Plus, keep the heat where it belongs, in the tub!

Your new cover will protect your spa from weather damage. It also keeps out leaves and debris.

Great Quality. Made to Your Personal Needs in Your choice of color. Shipped directly to you or pick up at our stores.
  • Highest Quality, fade & mildew resistant vinyl available in a variety of colors.
  • Non corroding aluminum channel for extra strength across spa or tub.
  • Mildew & bromine resistant bottom vinyl.
  • Rigid insulation board traps & holds in heat.
  • Sloped 3 to 2 inches to provide water run-off. Thicker covers available at additional cost.
  • Covers fold for easy removal.
  • Reinforced handles for easy lifting.
  • Vinyl skirt at bottom of cover seals spa for better heat retention.
  • Lockable security fasteners standard on all covers. Two keys included.
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Pricing:  All covers up to 96" Maximum Dimension.  From Only $479.99 for local Connecticut delivery.  Other larger sizes will be quoted individually.  
Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery includes your choice of color (see following form).

Protecta Spa Garage, UV protection for spa & hot tub cabinet & coverIncrease the life of your Spa Cover & use a Spa Blanket and a Spa Garage


Take a look at all of the Spa & Hot tub Cover Accessories

Now you can go from drab to fab in about 30 minutes!
SpaScenes Spa Cover Murals & Cover Protection Systems

click on the pictures below for details!

SpaScenes spa cover mural SpaScenes spa cover mural
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