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Filter Flosser
The Best New Way to clean your filter cartridge - Great Product!

Filter Flosser Pool and Spa Cartridge Cleaner (Filter-Flosser)

Filter Flosser Deluxe Filter Cleaner

Designed by a pool & spa owner for pool & spa owners!

One of our FAVORITE new products since 2009!

Just attach your garden hose & get that Filter cartridge really clean! Sturdy, corrosion resistant all aluminum body & construction - not leaky plastic.  As one pool service tech put it, "The Filter Flosser is a tool, not a toy."

The Filter Flosser's unique design allows cleaning over an even wider pleat track with 20 (more than double of the other cleaner) helping clean up to 50% faster & using 50% less water. 

Jet streams of water blast away dirt & debris that hides  in the filter cartridge's deep pleats.  All of that built-up dirt shortens the life of your filter cartridge.  The curved design gets the spray deep down inside of the pleat for more thorough cleaning.

The handy on/off switch saves water & fussing.

Filter Flosser's garden hose swivel prevents hose  twisting & knotting.

Comfortable ergonomic hand grip.

Made in the USA with a 100% quality guarantee!

When you need to clean the cartridge simply:

1. Spray on your favorite Cartridge Filter Cleaner (SpaGuard Filter Cleaner or Natural Chemistry Filter Perfect).

2. Let the cleaner soak into the cartridge for about one hour (follow the label instructions).  You may also let the cartridge soak over night before deep cleaning with the Filter Flosser.

3. Finish cleaning using the Filter Flosser removing the dirt, greases & oils from the cartridge.

For use with ANY SIZE filter cartridge!

List Price $59.99
Our Web Price ONLY $44.99
Special $33.99


Now make your Filter Flosser even better with the Power Pic attachment!

Simply unscrew the Flosser head from the handle & attach.

Makes reaching the inside of the cartridges even easier.

About 14" long to get deep inside your filter cartridge.

List Price $23.99
Special Price when purchased with the Filter Flosser - $17.99
Power Pic with Filter Flosser Special
Power Pic ONLY - $19.99
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