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Infra Red Saunas from Keys Backyard
Saunas have been used for centuries in Europe & other parts of the world providing great health benefits.

"One 1989 German study found that people who used saunas twice a week caught half as many colds as those who did not. One theory: When you take a sauna, you inhale air hotter than 80 degrees � a temperature too hot for cold and flu viruses to survive." (Ellen Dwyer, Club Solutions Magazine, Jan 2007)

Here are some of the health benefits of a sauna:

  • Aids in Reducing Stress & Fatigue
  • Aids in Relaxation
  • Aids in Relieving Body Pain - deep penetrating infra-red heat brings relief & healing to your body's peripheral muscles & tissue by dilating smaller surface blood vessels thereby increasing blood flow
  • Aids in Increasing Blood Circulation - sweating is the body's way of cooling itself.  Your heart rate increases, boosting circulation - just as if you were exercising.
  • Aids in Boosting Your Immune System - as the temperature of your skin increases, white blood cell production increases as well.

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  • Aids in Relieving Arthritis & Joint Stiffness - heat has almost always been a "treatment of choice" when treating arthritis & joint ailments.  The radiant heat of Infra-red saunas has proven effective when treating muscle spasms, sprains, neuralgia, bursitis,  and many other muscular-skeletal ailments.
  • Aids in Improving Skin Tone & Elasticity - the deep heating of your infra-red sauna causes profuse sweating.  When you sweat, toxins, dead skin cells & other impurities are carried off leaving cleaner skin that glows.  Plus you'll also notice an increase in tone, elasticity, color & texture.  Remember to shower first with a mild soap to remove excess oils, deodorants, perfumes, make-up for best results.
  • Aids in Burning Calories & Promoting Weight Loss - as your body heats up & sweats, your body naturally expends energy!  You could burn as many calories in your Sauna session as you would in a 30 minute jog.
  • Aids in Clearing Cellulite - the deep radiant heating of the infra-red sauna penetrates up to 3 times deeper than a traditional sauna.  As cellulite (gel-like lumps of fat, water & debris trapped in your skin) is broken up by the heat, the sweating of your body then helps to eliminate that waste.  Why just sweat out water (up to about 95%) in a conventional sauna when you can sweat out up to double the amount of fat-soluble toxins, toxic minerals, uric acid, ammonia & other impurities using an infra-red sauna?


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