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Spa & Hot tub Chemical Safety Information
Follow these few, simple guidelines to ensure the safety & well being of you, your family & friends.
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Basics: Always read the label. You'll find important information on the proper use, handling & storage of the product you're using. Follow the directions carefully. Pool maintenance products safeguard the health of all spa users. Mishandled, though, these same products are hazardous.

NEVER mix chemicals. Uncontrolled reactions such as fuming, fire or explosion can occur. Add chemicals to the spa water separately & to different parts of the pool.

NEVER overdose your spa. Use the exact amount specified on the label or by one of our trained technicians. Make sure the spa volume is accurate.

NEVER add water to chemicals. Add chemicals to large amounts of water.

NEVER inhale fumes or allow products to get in your eyes, nose or mouth. Turn your face too one side or point the container away from you when opening it. In the event of accidental contact, or if the product is swallowed, follow emergency advice on the product label and call your doctor and/or your local Poison Control Center. The Phone number of the Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center is 877-800-5553.

NEVER smoke around chemicals. Some fumes are highly flammable & a lit cigar, cigarette, pipe or match can ignite sanitizers or oxidizers.

NEVER allow children to handle, measure or dispense chemicals.

NEVER interchange measuring spoons or scoops or place wet utensils back into any chemical container.

NEVER store liquids directly above sanitizers or oxidizers: they may accidentally leak & contaminate the packaging and lead to a chemical reaction.

ALWAYS clean up ANY spills as soon as they happen. Dispose the material in a safe manner. Hosing off into the pool can dilute small spills. Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean spills. It's hazardous to throw chemicals into the trash or to put the spilled chemicals into the original container, they have been contaminated! Keep spills away from lawns & landscaping to avoid damage. Follow the label directions!

ALWAYS store chemical products out of the reach of children & in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, away from other household or garden chemicals or petroleum products.

ALWAYS keep chemical containers tightly closed when not in use. When empty, rinse the container thoroughly & dispose. Do not reuse!

ALWAYS brace liquids so they won't tip while being transported in your car. Don't allow chemicals to stay in the trunk for a long period of time. Make the spa store your last stop. Unpack them as soon as you get home.

ALWAYS wear protective equipment as directed on the product's label.

ALWAYS use care when broadcasting powdered products into the spa on windy days to prevent direct contact with your eyes, mouth or skin.


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