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Non-chlorine, Non-bromine Pool Care

Pristine Blue Spa & Hot tub Start up Kit, PristineBlue, Pristine Power, Pristine Check, Pristine Clean, Pristine Extra, Pristine Clear

You know what Pristine Blue is, and you know that it works but how?

Everybody knows and understands how chlorine and bromine kill bacteria and algae. Biguanide users sort of understand those products, but Pristine Blue is different from both.

Ron uses Pristine Blue in his pool. No more salt.

Now just simple, easy pool care for his family and friends.

A Few Pristine Blue facts:
The proven, proprietary pool & spa care systems from Earth Science Laboratories, a leader in environmental water care & treatment. PristineBlue® is EPA registered in all 50 states for Pool AND Spa use. Read the labels and you'll see that chlorine, bromine and biguanides have different registrations for their particular use. Doses are vastly different and sometimes, even the product itself is very different.

One of the great things about PristineBlue® is that it's certified for addition to drinking water by NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation certification 60, that's extraordinary for a pool chemical).

Let's take a look at how PristineBlue® works to kill bacteria and algae in swimming pools.

Pristine Blue's main active ingredient is copper (actually copper sulfate pentahydrate, 19.8%). We know that copper is a great algaecide. Copper based algaecides have been used for many years to effectively treat serious and stubborn algae blooms.

Copper's main problem is that in many cases, continued regular use can lead to staining of pool surfaces and / or colored water. Certain copper algaecides are now "chelated" to help prevent staining, however overuse can still cause these staining problems. This is where the technology behind Pristine Blue is not only different, but superior. Any products claiming to be the "same as" Pristine Blue are not and they can't prove it.

Pristine Blue® uses a proprietary technology that causes the cupric (copper) ion to have 2 rather than only one (as in every other copper pool product) positively charged side to it. With one of the positive charges, Pristine Blue® is able to hold on to the ET3000 additive that prevents the copper from coming out of solution and leads to staining. The second positive charge is the real magic of Pristine Blue®. This second positive charge allows it to be attracted and attached to NEGATIVELY charged particles (algae, bacteria, other organics) in order to kill them. The copper is "ingested" or eaten by the stuff in the pool, is poisoned and dies (compared to chlorine or bromine which "blow up" the bacteria and algae releasing odor causing enzymes and other waste into the water - one of the reasons why chlorinated water can smell). Dead bacteria and algae are then filtered out.

Pristine Blue's exclusive, proprietary formula also allows it to "self-disperse" better in the pool water (positive and negative charges pushing back and forth against each other) compared to chlorine and bromine. Even into those "dead spots" where normal circulation may not otherwise distribute a proper amount of sanitizer.

Regular additions of Pristine Clean, plus Pristine Check at the start of the season to take care of calcium scale, replenish the chelants protecting the copper from staining. Pristine Power and Pristine Extra oxidize other pool waste (suntan lotion, body oils, etc). Pristine Clear aids in pulling together fine "dead" particles floating in the pool.

Buy all of the PristineBlue products here.

Water feels and smells better. Water balance is simpler. Very economical to use. Simple testing and additions.

  • Proprietary, proven product since 1990
  • Water feels soft & gentle. Easy on Pool surfaces, equipment, bathing suits, skin, hair & eyes
  • Safe for all Pool surfaces (please consult your pool professional on newly plastered or finished concrete pools before adding PristineBlue®)
  • Use your swimming pool within 15 minutes after adding any of the PristineBlue® products
  • Will not drastically effect the water balance
  • May be used with ANY type of filter system
  • The active ingredients control algae as well as bacteria
  • Fantastic compliment to pools & spas utilizing ozonators
  • Easy to convert; compatible WITH chlorine!
  • The ONLY product line you can use in your Pool AND your Spa
  • Easy start up & maintenance (click on the links for details)

- Download & print a Pristine Blue Start-up & Maintenance Guide

PristineBlue has received the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval for skin and respiratory irritation and is a safe alternative to chlorine treatments...(July 24, 2006)

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