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Natural Mineral Purifiers for Swimming Pools  

Getting a Pool Started with Nature2 is Simple & Easy!
Just follow these steps:

Install the Nature2 Purifier (Express shown here)

Turn the pool pump OFF. Secure the clamp assembly on the RETURN line, after the Heater (if applicable).

Cut a hole in RIGID PVC pipe using a power drill and the hole saw that is provided with your unit.

Insert the flow diverter into hole and snap it firmly into place.

Snap the dispenser shell onto clamp.

Thread the Express sanitizer cartridge into the clamp,
Hand-tight ONLY
turn on pool pump and activate the cartridge.

Step 1 - Install the Nature2 Purifier

Simply screw in a new Nature2 replacement cartridge (Express) or place a CF into the center of your Cartridge filter's single element.

Step 2 - Shock the Pool with BioGuard Easy Shock & Swim

BioGuard Easy Shock & Swim oxidizer, light shockWhen starting the pool for the season, you want to thoroughly oxidize and shock any organic waste left over from the winter.  Double shock the pool using 2 lbs. of Easy Shock & Swim per up to 12,000 gallons of water (if the water is relatively clear).  This will give your pool an initial chlorine level.

For added simplicity, add a bottle of BioGuard Back Up Algicide to help kill any algae present in the water.


Step 3 - Optimize the Pool the BioGuard Optimizer Plus

BioGuard Optimizer Plus 20 lb., prevents algae growthWe always recommend BioGuard Optimizer Plus to all of our customers because we know the difference it makes in pool care, no matter what kind of pool care system you're on.  Optimizer Plus is EPA registered as an algae suppressant, that means your Nature2 Purifier can concentrate its efforts on suppressing bacteria. 

Optimizer Plus also helps maintain better water balance by further buffering the pH and Total Alkalinity.  Initially add about 20 lbs of Optimizer Plus per 10,000 gallons of water (added over the course of 4 to 5 days). 

Your pH will most likely need to be lowered, so add BioGuard Lo 'n Slo, immediately after adding Optimizer (use about 1 lb Lo 'n Slo to every 2 lbs Optimizer). 

This dosage will give you a minimal amount of Optimizer (about 20 ppm).  Over the summer, build it up.  Optimizer Plus works best in the 40 to 50 ppm range.

Optimizer Plus is just an awesome product!  We know it & more of our customers know it every day.

For in-season maintenance of Nature2 system click here.

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