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BioGuard®. Guarding more than your pool.
BioGuard once a week pool care system  

BioGuard® Silk Tabs and Silk Sticks the New Standard in slow dissolving chlorine sticks & tablets - Read all about them!

Simple, Proven, Weekly Chlorinated Pool Care
1. Sanitize Weekly with Long Lasting Smart Sticks® or NEW Silk Sticks
2. Oxidize Pool Waste with BioGuard® Smart Shock®
3. Prevent Algae Growth with Back Up® Algaecide

Weekly Pool Care is Easy…
   Add 1 -Smart Stick® to pool wall skimmer, per 8,000 gallons
   Add 1 lb. BioGuard
® Smart Shock per about 10,000 gallons
   Add 2 oz. Back Up
® Algicide per 5,000 gallons

    Add 1 bag Burn Out® Extreme per 10,000 gallons

Every 6 to 8 Weeks:
    Chemically Clean your filter with Strip Kwik® Filter Cleaner

As needed:
    Adjust pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness & Optimizer Plus® levels

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Pool Opening & Closing is just as easy, Click here.

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To convert from Baquacil
® or Soft Swim® to Chlorine, click here

Compare Various Pool Care Systems
compare Chlorine, Bromine, Soft Swim (Baquacil), Ionizers, Mineral Springs

BioGuard Optimizer Plus 20 lb., prevents algae growthOptimize your 3 Step Experience!

The Optimizer Plus Advantages:

  • The Product Stays in the Pool. It won't evaporate. It isn't burned out by the sun.
  • Works with Chlorine, Bromine, Biguanide (SoftSwim or Baquacil®), Mineral Salts & Purifiers such as Nature2
  • The Water Quality is enhanced. It's softer.
  • Less eye & skin irritation.
  • Easier Maintenance.
  • Less algae.
  • Clearer water.
  • Less Balancing of pH & other chemistry.
  • EPA Registered for Algae Suppression!
  • The Perfect supplement for Nature2 or Frog users
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