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Aqua Finesse spa & hot tub water care

AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets for large pools

AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets for Intex or small pools

The proven European system of treating pools, spas & hot tubs.

AquaFinesse, green spa care chemicals

FREE brochure about Bio-films & how to treat them here.

"08/07/09 - Dear Ron, I wanted to thank you for your advice on my pool particularly the recommendation on AquaFinesse [Pool Pucks].
 - John W., Virginia"

"07/07/10 - Thank you Ron for the excellent advice on how to clean up and eliminate the white water mold and bio-films and generally cloudy water in our pool. 

"The pool water now looks great! I think the Aqua Finesse pool pucks are really doing the trick. Sarah, Illinois"

"Thank you for once again helping me with my mold problem. This is my 4th year ordering from you and I love your product!" Most Gratefully, Jane R, Georgia

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AquaFinesse� comes to pool care.  Effective treatment for swimming pool biofilms.

The AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets is a concentrated proprietary tablet that effectively removes built-up biofilms on pool surfaces and inside impossible to reach pool plumbing. 

Biofilms are the source of most pool water quality problems since 99% of pool bacteria resides in the biofilm.

Evidence shows that water treated with AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets and your choice of sanitizer (any sanitizer) will dramatically cut sanitizer use, aid in better balanced water, aid in softer water, keep pool surfaces & equipment cleaner, and lessen overall pool maintenance.

Why?  By loosening pool biofilms, you eliminate the areas where so many problems start - in the pipes, plumbing lines & filtration system.

Learn more about biofilms here.

GREAT for use with Swim Spas.

Easy to use - just drop 1 AquaFinesse� Pool Water  Care Tablets per 15,000 - 20,000 gallons of water (for first time use, use 1 puck per 10,000 gallons the first week or two, then go to the lower dose) into your skimmer basket.

New! AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets for small pools. Each 3 oz Puck treats smaller aboveground (such as Intex or other soft sided) pools up to about 5,000 - 7,500 gallons.

Effective - AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets thoroughly loosen to remove biofilm so that your filter can properly remove thm from the pool and pool system.

When treating a severely infected pool, it is best to thoroughly clean the filter with AquaFinesse� Filter Cleaner tablets (cartridge or DE filters).

AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets are safe to use carrying a National Sanitation Foundation 60 Certification for potable water use.

Eco-friendly - AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets contain no harsh chemicals. 

Waste water is able to be drained into almost any environment without fear of harming plants or animals.

how AquaFinesse works

Learn how AquaFinesse works in Pools & Spas to effectively remove, then prevent the build-up of biofilms, pool & spa mold, pool & spa slime.

Just click on the picture to the left.


Look at the pictures below to see the difference that AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets made in a commercial pool application and inside a residential pool filter over the course of about 6 weeks.

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The perfect product to use if you have a Solar Pool Heating systemAquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets is the only chemical product on the market to clean the INSIDES of the solar panels, removing the film that contributes to algae growth, cloudy water and excess chlorine or sanitizer consumption.

Pools utilizing UV systems must really consider using AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets to prevent scale build-up on the quartz tubing which otherwise renders these systems practically useless. Keep in mind that scale (clouding of the tube) will build at a rate of about 5% occlusion per week.

Compatible with ALL pool care systems - chlorine, bromine, biguanide (Baquacil, Soft Swim), ionizers, salt-chlorine.

Special Note:  When dealing with severe cases of White Water Mold, Pink Slime or other biofilms, consider supplementing the activity of AquaFinesse with NaturCare/ActivNzyme Enzymatic Pool Clarifier which will help consume removed biofilms.

Click here for the AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets dose instructions.

Each 6 oz Tablet treats larger aboveground & inground pools up to about 15,000 - 20,000 gallons - NEW tablets are white

Each 1.75 oz Tablets treats small aboveground pools up to about 7,500 gallons

16 (6 lb total weight) Tablet Bucket - $92.99
8 (3 lb total weight) Tablet Bucket - $57.99
120 Tablet Commercial Bucket (equals more than 7 - 16 tab buckets) - $459.99
AquaFinesse Pool Water Care System Kit - Click here  
NEW! 12 (1.3 lb total weight) Small Aboveground Pool Tablet Jar - $49.99
Great for Intex or similar soft-sided pools!
Please us know your pool size for customized instructions. Free!
Pool Size:
What one of our customers told us...

"Ron. I am so impressed with you and your company's willingness to help and educate pool owners, I went into the local pool store to buy a corner brush because I forgot to order it from you last week and the girl said they don't make anything like that (wow) and got upset when I asked about pink slime she insist that if you just over chlorinate you will get rid of it. I use Baquacil so chlorine won't work for me if it will work at all.   

"I have been battling pink slime since I started topping my pool off with garden hose and now know why. Many thanks to you. Two days after first dose of aquafiness my pool looks and feels so much better."

Tammy, Sent from my iPhone. On Jul 4,

Click here for AquaFinesse for Swim Spas.


AquaFinesse� Pool Water Care Tablets removes bacteria laden, ugly Biofilm
although the water is clear, notice that the "black" grout lines return to white

Before AquaFinesse After AquaFinesse
biofilm in tile grout before AquaFinesse Pool Pucks AquaFiness Pool Pucks remove biofilm in tile grout without scrubbing
Click here to request an actual AquaFinesse pictorial case study demonstrating how this amazing product works in 3 - 8 weeks to dramatically clean this pool's surface.

Removal of Biofilm (after accumulating for about 4 years) inside a System3 cartridge filter over 6 week period
Before AquaFinesse After AquaFinesse
The biofilm was a sticky, crusty film that had to be scraped off with a knife.
As you can see, the inside of the filter tank is "like new" after being treated with AquaFinesse Pool Tablets.

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