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Since 1967, Par Pool & Spa has been selling, installing & servicing Aboveground pools.  We've seen what lasts & what doesn't. We know the kind of quality that our customers are looking for.
An aboveground pool purchase should be made once. You want good solid construction, strength and good looks. You want your pool to last years and still be attractive. You want to deal with a company that stands behind what it sells.

Just imagine. You won't have to fight crowds at the beach or public pool. It's there whenever you're ready to swim. Your family and children are home in a safe place. You're refreshed after a hard day's work. A Vacation that will last for years!

Today's Aboveground pools are a far cry from those of the 1960's. Our Pools are constructed with heavy-gauge, galvanized steel and space-age resins that last decades!

Our liners are the same quality used in inground construction with beautiful patterns made to enhance your backyard as well as your swimming experience.

Par Pool & Spa wants your family to have the best aboveground pool possible. That's why we've chosen pools from Trevi & Cornelius. Made to withstand Canadian winters, you'll be hard pressed to find a pool of better value, construction or appearance.

Stop by today to see and FEEL the quality. Your family deserves it!

Let us help you put the right filter system, entry system, cleaning system & chemical care system together & make this the best purchase you've made for your family.

And don't forget the toys, lights & other fun stuff!

Trevi 106
Great quality in a "budget" pool

Trevi 206 resin framed 8" pool
Trevi 206
The Perfect Combination of
Steel & Resin

Trevi 217
Strength & beauty in an aboveground Pool

Aquarian Nuance
Beauty & strength at the right price
Aboveground Pool Liners, overlap, hung, J bead, U bead
Aboveground Pool Liners & Liner Accessories

quality replacement liners
Aquarian Dynasty
For those of you who are looking for just a bit more.
Lumio Wedding Cake Step
Ladders & Stairs

Filters & Pumps

filters & pumps for inground &
aboveground pools

Pool Maintenance equipment, vacumm heads, leaf nets, brushes, hoses, poles, cleaning accessories
Hand-held Cleaning Accessories 
vacuum heads, vacuum hoses, leaf nets,
 wall brushes & more


Pool toys, floating lounges, games, basketball, volleyball, mask, goggles
Toys, Games & Lounges
all kinds of toys, games & lounges
for your pool


Close Outs & Special Clearance Deals
Check Out the
Specials & Close-Outs

Automatic pool cleaners - Click here for more information
Automatic Pool Cleaners

pool cleaners for inground &
aboveground pools

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