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Gunite / Concrete Inground Pool Thru-Wall Skimmers, Wall Fittings & Main Drains; Hayward & Pentair / PacFab

SP1070, SP1082 Hayward concrete, gunite pool skimmer

Click here for replacement parts

Complete Hayward Inground
Thru wall skimmer used in Gunite or concrete pools.  Comes with basket.  Available in 1.5" or 2.0" threaded (FPT) bottom connection.
SP1070 (shown), 1.5" Skim-Master, $94.99
SP1082-1 (with large square top), 1.5" Skimmer, $129.99
SP1082 (with large square top), 2.0" Skimmer, $133.99


Pentair PacFab Bermuda gunite concrete pool skimmer, 506300, 506365

Complete Pentair / PacFab Bermuda Inground
Thru wall skimmer used in Gunite / Concrete pools.  Comes with basket.  Outside mounting (steel wall pools) or Wide-mouth Outside mount (steel wall pools).  All have standard 2.0" Slip (glue) bottom connections. Choose White or Black.
506300 Standard Opening Skimmer - White, $139.99
506365 Standard Opening Skimmer - Black $189.99


Waterways Gunite Renegade skimmer

GRAY COLORED - Complete Waterways Renegade Inground
Thru wall skimmer used in Gunite or concrete pools.  Comes with basket.  Gray or Dark Gray. All have standard 2" threaded (FPT) bottom connection.
5406417 Gray Skimmer, $109.99
5406419-DKG DARK Gray Skimmer, $119.99

SP1084, SP1085 Hayward vinyl liner skimmer

Click here for Vinyl Liner & Fiberglass Pool Thru wall skimmers, wall fittings & main drains
Levolor Automatic Water Filling System
Complete electronic self-leveling system for pools. Mounts inside a skimmer's throat body. 220 v or 110 v.
K1100CKC - 100 ft sensor - $399.99
K1100CKG - 200 ft sensor - $399.99
Pool Tool Anti-Electrolysis Weight
Weighs down your skimmer basket to prevent floating, stops metal erosion & plaster discoloration due to electrolysis. Click on the picture for more Anti-electrolysis products - especially useful with Salt/Chlorine pools.
Our Web Price $19.99

SP1082GV Skimmer - Main Drain Valve SP1082GV Skimmer - Main Drain Valve (Divert-a-valve)
Allows you to connect your main drain to your skimmer on the same plumbing line.  Valve a mix between skimmer only, main drain only or a combination of both.
Our Web Price $49.99 each
Skimmer Angel skimmer basket removal tool Skimmer Angel
Skimmer basket removal tool.  Avoid handling stuff you don't want to!
Our Web Price $14.99


SP1408 wall fitting, SP1419 eyeball, SP1026 grate

Complete Hayward Wall Return/Suction Fitting, SP1022. 
Can be used for either Return to or Suction from the pool with the appropriate eyeball or grate fitting.  Comes complete. Choose the combination you need. Click on the Return Fitting for all available products.

The Circulator, 360 degree pool return fitting
The Circulator

Give your pool up to 1500% (yes, that's right) more circulating power. 
Click here for details.


Skimmer vacuum adapters, SP1105, SP1106, American Products, Waterpik, Aqua Leader
SP1105 Shown Above


Skimmer Vacuum Adapters 
Choose from Hayward SP1106 (Fits SP1070/82/84/85 vinyl  or gunite skimmers), Hayward SP1105 (Fits SP1097skimmer) American Products
Hayward SP1105 with gasket - $12.99
Hayward SP1106 with gasket - $14.99
American Prod Admiral 85001900 - $13.99
Pentair Bermuda 506161 - $15.99

Hayward Inground Skimmer Adjusting Extension Collar - SPX1084-P-1

Fits Skimmers SP 1082, 1083, 1084, 1085 when adjusting for the height of the surrounding pool deck.  Add as many as needed; collars are approximately 3" tall & may be stacked to attain the proper height.
Our Price ONLY $11.99

Click here for more details on the Skim-Mor skimmer screen!

Skim-Mor´┐Ż Skimmer Screen
Traps ultra-fine debris PLUS oils, lotions & greases BEFORE they dirty up your filter. Even pollen & pet hair.
Our Web Price $11.99 per 5-pack

WG1051AV, WG1054AV main drain, Hayward, virginia graeme baker safety act SP1051 AV & SP 1054 AV Main Drains
Click on the Main Drain for vinyl liner & gunite drains
New WG 1051 & WG 1054 are VGB Safety Act Compliant.

Click on the picture for product details.

SP1048AVH SP1048 AVH Snap on Guard for Main Drain
Prevents automatic pool cleaners from becoming stuck on the Main drain with anti-vortex cover.  For use in all pools with Hayward main drains. Does NOT include dome (anti-vortex cover).
Our Web Price $16.99

Vac-Alert SVRS system
click on the picture for product details
for standard or normal filter installation
for below grade filter installation



VGB Compliant Replacement Grates & Main Drain Covers
Replacements for Hayward, Pentair & other brands. Click on the AquaStar logo for all available products.


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