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Hayward Pro Series Aboveground Sand Filter Tanks & Systems, S166T, S180T
Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter system with Matrix pump for aboveground pools
Pool Size Tank
15 Rnd 16"
18 Rnd 16"
21 Rnd 16"
24 Rnd 18"
27 Rnd 18"
30 Rnd 20"
12x24 Oval 16"
15x24 Oval 16"
15x30 Oval 18"
16x32 Oval 18"
18x33 Oval 18"

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Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter Systems, S166T, S180T
Proven sand filtration for any sized aboveground pool!

The trick to sand filters is to size them right the first time! Here's one time where "bigger is better".  Bigger meaning filter size, not horsepower.  The Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter System with its 16" or 18" tank.  Although the filter may have the "capacity" to filter much more than that, you don't want to be backwashing the filter sand every other day.  When your filter is properly sized & chemically maintained, normal backwashing is performed about every 7 to 10 days & chemical cleaning should be done about 6 to 8 weeks.

Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter Systems are manufactured with high quality ABS & PermaGlass XL materials made to last years under normal conditions.  Other Pro Series Sand Filter features include:

  • integral top diffuser distributes unfiltered water evenly over the sand media bed in a cascading, umbrella-like pattern
  • Patented 7 position Multiport backwash valve
  • Performance-matched with the Hayward Matrix LX 1.0 HP pump
  • Rugged filter base
  • Multi-Lateral Underdrain Assembly with precision engineered, self-cleaning 360 slotted laterals gives totally balanced & Efficient flow
  • 100 or 150 lb. sand (filter sand .45 mm - .55 mm - do not use any other type of sand) - sand NOT included
  • Union connection allows pump or filter to be removed quickly and easily for servicing systems
  • Polymeric, corrosion proof, all weather filter tank will provide years of trouble-free operation
  • Hose Kits & Deluxe Plumbing kits available

List Price: Pro Series S166 System, $688.99
                   Pro Series S180 System, $769.99

S166T System with 1.0 HP pump - SALE $579.99
S180T System with 1.5 HP pump - SALE $649.99
Optional Twist Lock Power Cord - $29.99
Hose Kit (hoses, clamps, fittings, Teflon tape) - $19.99
Deluxe Plumbing Kit (Hose kit plus 2 shut off valves) - $39.99
S166T Filter Tank & Valve ONLY - SALE $299.99
S180T Filter Tank & Valve ONLY - SALE $379.99

All Hayward Pro Series Filter Systems ship oversize/overweight - additional freight charges apply

Intermatic 24 hour Time clocks for inground & aboveground pools

Time Clocks
Don't worry about turning your filter on or off.  Intermatic does it automatically! 
Click on the picture for more information


For Replacement Pump/Motor Systems, click here

For Filter Accessories (fittings, clamps, valves, etc.), click here

Keep your Sand Clean using Strip Kwik every 6 to 8 weeks.

Prevent unwanted fine debris & greases from clogging your filter system with the Skim Mor skimmer screen.

For Filter Accessories click here

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