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Unicel, Pleatco & Filbur Replacement Spa Filter Cartridges

Is your Filter Cartridge old, dirty, ripped, beyond cleaning? 
We've got what you need!

Quality Replacement Filter Cartridges for your Pool or Spa/Hot tub Filter System.  We use cartridges made by Unicel® and Pleatco® that meet or exceed your original manufacturer's specifications. 
Listing cartridges according to size makes life pretty simple.  Why?  Well, there are literally  hundreds of "different " cartridges, but many have the identical dimensions and overall square footage.  Why pay more when you don't have to?  We Stock the most popular sizes & configurations.

Click here for Great Barrier Spa Filters with Microban Antibacterial Protection

Unicel Numbers listed here.  Your order will be shipped at our option as Unicel or Pleatco or Filbur.
Can't find what you're looking for?  Call & Ask 1-866-385-4930.

with Open bottoms and/or tops.  Click here for "Screw-In" Cartridges

Dimensions Sq. Ft. Unicel # Pleatco # Filbur # Type Spa Brand Price Each Purchase
4.25" x 4"   C-4310 PWW10 FC3077 ThermoSpa $16.99
4.5" x 8"     PC7 - TC     Intex "A" $9.99
4.5" x 8"   C-4607


FC3710     $11.99
4.5" x 12" 25 C-4325 PA225 FC0125   Various $23.99
5" x 13.25" 25 C-4326 PD20SL FC4005   Various $29.99
4.75" x 11"     PTS35     ThermoSpa $39.99
4.5" x 12" 25 C-4327 PA225       $23.99
5" x 13.25"   C-4625 PRB25 FC2370     $31.99
5" x 15" 50 C-4305 PMT50 FC1630   CalSpas, Sundance $39.99
5" x 15" 27.5 C-4301 PMT27.5 FC1615   Martec $26.99
4.25"x 8"   C-4304 PC7TC FC3711   Various $11.99
5" x 9.25" 35 C-4335 PRB35IN3 FC2385   Various $32.99
5" x 4.6" 35 C-4401 PRB17.5SF FC2386   set of 2 $44.99
4.25" x 8"   C-4607 PC7120 FC3710   PortaSpa $11.99
5" x 14" 50 C-4950 PRB50IM FC2390     $39.99
5" X 20" 75 C-4975 PRB75 FC2395   Emerald $54.99
5.2" x 19.6"   C-5636/37 PPM40 FC3637     $49.99
5.5" x 10.25" 50 C-5300 PJW50 FC1320   Jacuzzi $39.99
5.25"x 23.25"   C-5371 PPR75 FC2018   Jacuzzi $69.99
5.5" x 10.25" 25 C-5601 PJW23 FC1330   Jacuzzi $23.99
5.85" x 10.5"   C-6430 PWK30 FC3915   Watkins $34.99
7"x 6.5"   C-7401 PD205L FC4005     $39.99
7" x 14"   C-7442 PA40 FC1228   Hayward $49.99
7"x 9.75"   C-7439 PVT40 FC2812   Sundance $59.99
7.5" x 14.75" 65 C-7465 PSD65 FC2730   Sundance $58.99
7" x 10.75" 50 C-7451 PCD50 FC3084 6 Caldera $49.99
7" x 14.75" 75 C-7479 PCD75 FC3085 6 Caldera $71.99
40 C-8341 PMA452004R FC1007M   Master/Down East $64.99
4"x 7.15"
10 use with cartridge above PMA10M     Master/Down East $22.99
8.5" x 14" 80 C-8380 PSD852002 FC2810   Sundance
8.5" disposable 50 Microclean sundance disposable micro clean filter, 50 sq ft       $16.99
8.5"x 10.5" 65 C-8465 PWK65 FC3960   Hot Springs, Tiger River $69.99
Softub Screw-On           $33.99
MicrobanUpgrade to Great Barrier Replacement Filter Cartridges made with Microban antimicrobial protection.


Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Cone Handle with 1.5" threaded MPT
Cone Handle - 1.5" MPT
Closed End with 1.5" threaded MPT
Closed top - 1.5" MPT
Handle End with 1.25" SAE (wide) thread
Semi Circ Handle - 1.25" SAE
Semi circle handle with 1.5" threaded (MPT)
Semi Circ Handle - 1.5" MPT
Type 5 Type 6 Type 7 Type 8
Bar handle with 2.0" male thread (MPT)
Bar Handle - 2" MPT
semi circle handle with 1.75" slip fitting
 Semi Circ Handle - 1.75" Slip
semi circle handle with 2" SAE thread (MPT)
Semi Circ Handle - 1.5" SAE
semi circle handle with 2" thread (MPT)
Semi Circ Handle - 2" MPT
Type 9      
Open top with 1.5" thread (MPT)
Open End - 1.5" MPT

Keep your Spa or Hot tub's filter working efficiently with...

SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser - New & Improved Keep your Spa Filter clean & efficient with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner.  Removes greases, oils & crud.  Helps keep spa water clean.
Size Available:
1 Qt. Bottle, $13.99 each
AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner Pucks
Filter Cleaner Pucks
Here's how to get your filter really clean without harsh detergents & acids.  Perfect for cleaning Microban treated filter cartridges. Click on the picture for all of the details.
List Price $34.99 each
Our Web Price $29.99
Natural Chemistry Filter Perfect
Filter Perfect
® from Natural Chemistry®

The safer & more effective way to clean your Cartridge filter. Perfect for cleaning Microban treated filter cartridges.  No harsh chemicals.
1  liter bottle, $23.99 each

Filter Flosser deluxe cartridge filter cleaner NEW! Filter Flosser
Looking for a top quality spa filter cartridge cleaner?  Now there's Filter Flosser. Click on the picture for product details.
List Price $54.99
Our Web Price $39.99 - NEW Lower Price $32.99
Water Wand portable hand held cartrdige filter cleaner
Water Wand Filter Cleaner
Attach a garden hose & GO!  Cleans about 8 pleats at once. Saves water. 
List Price $29.99
Our Web Price $19.99
Pool & Spa Spa-Ball
Absorbs body oils, suntan lotions, make-up, dirt grime and lots of other unfilterable stuff that gets into your pool, spa or hot tub.  The more stuff it absorbs, the heavier it becomes.  Do not squeeze or wring out. When it sinks, throw it out!
List Price $17.99
Our Web Price $14.99
Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble
The original oil & mess absorbing product. Absorbs up to 20 times its weight in oils & unfilterable debris.  Helps prevent waterline build up.  Keeps filters cleaner. Helps reduce chemical usage.
  Do not squeeze or wring out. When it sinks, throw it out!
List Price $17.99
Our Web Price $14.99
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