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PuriFiber DE (diatomaceous earth) Alternative & Filter Aid
PuriFiber, pure fiber, filter aid, DE alternative


Don't forget to chemically clean your filter with BioGuard Strip Kwik at least 2 times per season (mid season & closing) to keep your filter at its most efficient.


PuriFiber DE Alternative & Filter Aid

Weighs less

Filters better

Rinses easier.

Environmentally friendly.  99% Silica Free

What more could you ask for?

Great alternative to DE or cellulose fiber that gets easily gummed up by greases & oils making cleaning a chore.  Purifiber more easily releases itself from the filter grids.

Great also for use in Sand filters as a Filter Aid when finer filtration is needed to remove ultra-fine particles.

Helps lengthen time between backwashing & cleaning

Easier to use with biguanides (Soft Swim & Baquacil) than regular DE

15 oz Purifiber bag will coat up to a 36 Sq. Ft. DE filter!

15 oz. Packet, $14.99 each




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Popular Filter Models Effective Filter
(Square Ft)
Amount of
Hayward EC30, EC40, DE2400, RG450, RG700,
PacFab FNS24,
Amer. Prod. Titan 570-230, Jacuzzi AV40,
Waterway FD090
about 24 15 oz.
Hayward EC50, EC65, DE3600, PacFab FNS36,
Amer. Prod. Titan 570-240,
Jacuzzi AV60, AV80,
Waterway 570-0036,
Sta-Rite PLD50
about 36 22 oz.
Hayward EC75, DE4800, PacFab FNS46,
Amer. Prod. Titan 570-250,
Jacuzzi AV100, EW75
Waterway 570-0048,
Sta-Rite PLD70
about 48 30 oz.
Hayward DE6000,
PacFab FNS60,
Amer. Prod. Titan 570-260,
Jacuzzi EW100, EW125
Waterway 570-0048,
Sta-Rite S8D110
about 60 36 oz.
Hayward DE7200,
Jacuzzi EW150
Purex NSP72
about 72 44 oz.

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