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Parties & Fun, pool party, spa hot tub party, barbecue
Acrylic Drink Ware with LED Lights
Add some real fun & smiles to your favorite party. Poolside, spa-side, New Year's, you name the occasion.
Click on the pictures for details
Flashing LED shot glass, acrylic Flashing LED Shot Glasses
2 oz acrylic shot glasses, set of 4 glasses
Our Price $16.99 per set
Flashing LED on the rocks glass, acrylic, whiskey glass Flashing On-the-Rocks Glasses - New Style!
Now 25% larger & with more lights! 10 oz (vs. 8 oz) acrylic on-the-rocks glasses, 5 LED's (vs, 3 LED) in each glass - red, blue, yellow & green.  Sold individually.
Our Price $5.49 each
Flashing LED pilsner glass, acrylic Flashing  Pilsner Glasses
Pilsner Glasses, 3 LED's in each glass - red, blue & green. 8 flashing modes! Sold individually.
Our Price $6.99
Flashing Cola Glasses
Classic style Cola glasses, 3 LED's in each glass - red, blue & green. 8 flashing modes! Sold individually.
Our Price $6.99
Flashing LED Margarita glass, acrylic Flashing 10 oz Margarita Glasses
10 oz Margarita Glasses, 3 LED's in each glass - red, blue & green. 8 flashing modes! Sold individually.
Our Price $6.99 each

Decorative Stem ware

14 oz. non-LED Glasses. Your choice of Chili Pepper or Palm Tree. Sold individually.
Our Price $6.99 each
Margarita Chili Pepper
Goblet Palm Tree
Flashing LED Martini glass, acrylic Flashing 7 oz Martini Glasses
7 oz Martini Glasses, 3 LED's in each glass - red, blue & green. 8 flashing modes! Sold individually.
Our Price $7.99 each
Flashing Champagne Flutes
Beautiful 7.5 oz. Champagne Flutes with 3 LED in each glass - red, blue & green.  Set the light mode!  Sold individually.
Our Web Price $7.99 each
LED wine glasses, party glasses, spa accessories
LED Wine Glasses
Add a little light to the party.  Cool fun! Set of 2 stem wine glasses.  Break-resistant polycarbonate.
Our Web Price ONLY $14.99
Flashing Hurricane Glasses
16 oz Hurricane Glasses, flashes, red, yellow, blue & green. Great for drinks or desserts. Sold individually.
Our Price $8.99 each
Flashing LED 17 oz Beer mug, acrylic Light Up Beer Mugs
17 oz Beer Mugs, 6 LED's in each glass - red, blue & green. Special light features. Sold individually.
Our Price $8.99 each
Pool Cooler Deluxe Floating Cooler - 3 in 1
a great Cooler that everyone with lots of features!  Great for wherever you're hanging out; pool, spa, lake, boat!
List Price $36.99
Our Web Price $24.99 - in Stock!
portopong  floating beer pong table PortOPong!
Take your favorite "adult beverage" game out to the pool or almost anywhere.  Click on the picture for details. Sale!

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